Lucid Dreaming, Waking, and Distraction

As a teen, I was a natural at lucid dreaming. I could— no exaggeration— realize I was dreaming four or five times a night. It was lots of fun. Mostly flying, but you can imagine what else a teenager might want to dream about.


I got that text this morning. “So what?” you’re thinking. Well, here’s so what.

In Case You Thought Super Human was Fiction

Psychology Today: Experiments Suggest Humans Can Directly Observe the QuantumMay 31, 2019 “As we’ve been saying in different ways for these past months, what has been emerging from a wide range of often non-communicating researchers in multiple independent (also often non-communicating) but related disciplines, as well as from pan-global, cross-cultural sources and institutions, is an… Continue reading In Case You Thought Super Human was Fiction

Everyone Has an Origin Story

A tragic turn of events unleashes new, unfamiliar superpowers that shock the wielder, eventually forcing him to face his moral obligation to reduce the suffering of those around him.