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Courtney Brown: “A virtual accomplice to suicide”

Diagram 2: Nibiru, “predicted” Clinton would disclose in 1996

On November 14, 1996, Farsight founder Courtney Brown was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. In that show Courtney recounted that his team of three remote viewers viewed an alien craft “four times the size of Earth” near the comet Hale-Bopp based solely upon one astronomical photo that showed a dot of light next to the comet. I’ll begin this partial transcript with Courtney describing the accuracy of the viewer:

“The person’s mind was extended is an extremely accurate remote viewer, basically has never failed us with a session, this person is extremely accurate in describing physically what’s going on.”

Keep those claims of “extremely accurate” and “never failed us” in mind.

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On Courtney Brown’s “Farsight Planet 2014: Great Pyramid of Giza”

On 3/14/14 remote viewer Courtney Brown launched his new project “The Great Pyramid of Giza: The Mystery solved”. He hyped the launch for about 6 weeks on his FaceBook page, with frequent postings of “implications” 1Courtney has since removed this page from his site. Backup courtesy of On Jan 22 on his Facebook page, Courtney characterized the announcement:

“Something important is going to happen sometime next month, February 2014. Nothing can stop it now. There will be an announcement, and the world will change on the date of that announcement. Part of that announcement will happen on this Facebook page, right here. In the beginning, only a few will understand the significance of the announcement, and what it means for all of humanity currently living on this planet. Some will laugh, and some will cry. But in time, the world will come to know that life on Earth changed significantly on that day in February 2014. A mystery that has confused our civilization for thousands of years will find an answer. And from that answer, a new direction for the future growth of our species will arise.”

Wow. The world changed forever. I don’t think I’d be mischaracterizing Courtney’s tone and scope of his announcement as being of prophetic proportions. I was not surprised on March 15 when I checked out his project and found he failed to deliver on that promise, though not for lack of trying. The interesting work of Daz Smith and Dick Allgire is marred by Courtney’s flawed analysis, inability to cite possible confounding factors, and unscientific rhetoric (see his YouTube video); the certainty of his analysis is unfounded.


1 Courtney has since removed this page from his site. Backup courtesy of

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From Dean Radin’s excellent talk, Was Buddha just a nice guy?

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ESP in Dreams, Dream Interpretation, and Personal Inclemencies

Lately I’ve been interested in programming my dreams to answer questions.  Because of my interest in remote viewing (think ESP for science types), my questions tend towards precognitions and other types of things that I would not have a direct awareness of. Because remote viewing involves bubbling up information accessed by the subconscious, it occurred to me that the close connection dreams have with the subconscious makes them a possible vector for intentional, directed psychic awareness.

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One Practical Lesson of ESP

ESP, remote viewing, precognitions in dreams, these are all evidence of a fundamental aspect of consciousness that we do not yet understand. It is always on: just as sound comes in even when we don’t listen, this too is always on, even if we think we aren’t ‘listening’, affecting us in ways that we almost always don’t realize. We cannot assume that the mechanism that permits these experiences goes only in one direction (as if we can receive information but not send it). A growing body of research 1Distant Mental Influence, William Braud, 2Masaru Emoto, Rice Experiment (and my own experience) indicates it is a two-way street.
There are no doubt many lessons. Here is one:

Dreams Remote Viewing

Programming Your Dreams, Some Specifics

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”

—Thomas Edison
Following in Edison’s footsteps, I experiment with programming dreams to answer questions; I’ve created my own methods, based on my understanding of Remote Viewing theory. I’ve had some success, so a friend of mine asked me to advise on good questions to pose to dreams when looking for career guidance, something along the lines of, “what job am I going to have next?”

Dreams Remote Viewing Stock Predictions

Stock Predictions Experiment is Finished

… at least for now.
[edit 3/20/14: I’ve still been doing stock predictions, and my success rate has improved significantly, currently 11 out of 16 correct, accuracy rate of 69%.  More on this in a future post. ]
The enthusiasm of my initial success (being able to predict the shape of a stock chart) was dampened by the seventh prediction. With a success rate of just four out of seven, there is not yet any statistical significance. This is not to say that there is no real effect, but rather I don’t have enough of an understanding of it to be able to use it reliably for predicting stocks. Making public predictions feels incredibly vulnerable. When I’m wrong it’s hard not to feel foolish.
Anecdotally, I wanted to mention a couple of noteworthy oddities: one predicted chart seemed to mirror the actual chart. In a related experiment I receive the opposite answer of the question I posed. To be clear, if I predict UP and the stock is DOWN, I wouldn’t label that as an opposite, just a failure. An example of an opposite would be if I ask “what turns you on?” and I perceive a list of what turns you off.
Mirror images and opposites may indicate that the nonlocal mind has difficulty in orientation and polarity, which obviously would be troublesome for someone who’s goal is to tell in which direction a chart is headed.
I also suspect that nonlocal mind becomes bored with repetition, and without repeated reminders from analytical mind, it loses attention. In dreams, analytical mind is ‘asleep’, so nonlocal mind does whatever it wants. This makes this technique a poor choice for something that requires daily repetition.
Finally, after having done some more private trials, I still do not see a rebounding towards success like I experienced early on. I found that it was difficult to distinguish between dreams that may have actually been an answer to my question versus a run-of-the-mill dream. I was inclined to attribute any dream that showed movement up or down as a stock prediction, though in retrospect that attribution seems unwarranted.
For someone interested in pursuing stock predictions, I do not recommend my dream technique, but would instead recommend Associative Remote Viewing, as taught by Russell Targ.

Dreams Miss Remote Viewing Stock Predictions

Stock Prediction, AAPL: June 12, 2013

This is part of my ongoing experiment in to predicting stocks via psi. Learn more…
Legal Disclaimer:
I am not a stock analyst. I do not have insider information. This is not a stock advice site. I am not responsible for any losses you may incur in the stock market.
Prediction: Up slightly
Confidence: High
[edit 5pm]
So my hit rate in now 4 out of 7, bummer. My initial run of success seems to have vanished as the experiment continues. While skeptics would rush to conclude there is no effect, convenient conclusions are also lazy ones. I suspect that the subconscious mind has grown bored with the task of predicting stocks. I need to find a way to keep it interested.

Miss Remote Viewing Stock Predictions

Stock Prediction, AAPL: June 7, 2013

This is part of my ongoing experiment in to predicting stocks via psi. Learn more…
Legal Disclaimer:
I am not a stock analyst. I do not have insider information. This is not a stock advice site. I am not responsible for any losses you may incur in the stock market.
Prediction: Down
Confidence: High
After an initial small fluctuation of down up down, it will dip down into a trough that flattens out. Towards the end of the day a rally will not be enough to restore the price from the start of the day. The lowest price will be in the middle of the day.
[edit, 4pm]
So my hit rate in now 4 out of 6
NOAA’s solar wind data shows a spike for June 7:

Remote Viewing

In Search Of: Psychic Sea Hunt

File this one under ‘where’s the evidence?’
Ingo Swann (‘the father of remote viewing’) and Hella Hammid use remote viewing to psychically locate a previously unknown shipwreck, 270 feet under the ocean.

You can read an interview with the experiment’s creator Stephen Schwartz where he discusses how the experiment was set up. Highlights:

“In nonlocal awareness the emotional charge associated with a target might prove to be more important than its physical characteristics. Also that the emotion associated with a target makes it easier to see. For instance, it is easier to see a religious shrine than a rice paddy. Why is that? Because the religious shrine is numinous, a term coined by Carl Jung.

I have noticed on my own that strong emotions have acted as an attractor/magnifier, helping me better perceive a target.

“Individual acts of intentioned observation, particularly when they occur when you are in a heightened emotional state, create a kind of field effect, and the aggregate of thousands and thousand of little acts of intentioned observation make a target shine in nonlocal consciousness. [This is also true] where there is entropy (that is, where there is some transmutation, such as matter to energy), like a nuclear reactor. Those kinds of things make very good targets; they’re very easy for people to see. So there are rules, it’s lawful. Once you get the rules, you can design experiments that are better able to yield good information.”
“We know, for example, based on work done by Michael Persinger in Canada, James Spottiswood in Los Angeles, Ed May in Palo Alto, that geomagnetic field strength, the magnetic field of the Earth itself, has an effect on your ability to perform well. When the earth’s geomagnetic field is strong and there is a lot of solar turbulence — which affects the earth’s field — people don’t do very well when asked to access nonlocal awareness. When the field is quiet and unruffled, they do better.”

Since I began my psychic stock predictions project, I have been monitoring solar activity, and while I don’t have the data to show, anecdotally I have experienced an impairment of perceptions during periods of either high solar wind or solar flare activity.

“People who meditate, for instance, do better than people who don’t meditate. The reason, we think, is that this kind of awareness is partly a function of your ability to focus; it’s a coherence phenomenon. It is not a coincidence that almost every training that attempts to teach how to make contact with this aspect of the self emphasizes focus, whether it’s a martial art or a meditative art, or some sort of spiritual path.”