I got that text this morning.

“So what?” you’re thinking.

Well, here’s so what.

I’ve spent the past nine months working on a complete rewrite of my first ever novel, Super Human. Because I have no formal writing experience, my first edition received lukewarm reviews. I needed help.

The first thing I did was join a writing community: New Hampshire Writers’ Project. The next thing I did was look for someone who could help me. The chair of NHWP, Masheri Chappelle, mentioned in passing that she was an intuitive. Perfect. We talked; I hired her.

Super Human has a significant paranormal aspect, and angels figure into the plotline, though not in the way you might think (no spoilers!).

When paranormal things happen to you over and over, it’s validating when someone says they believe you. Since we started, she and I enjoyed noticing signs, and we seem to get a lot of them. When I got that text, my curiosity was piqued.

I asked if she recognized the card, maybe it was hers?


Her husband’s?

Never seen it.

Did the desk come with the house? Maybe it’s been there all along.

Nope. That room was completely emptied when they tore out the rugs to put in hardwood flooring years ago.

Maybe it was in the desk?


Okay, you gotta show me this card.


I looked up the card online and found all the cards Marvel put out that year. 179 cards.

If someone were trying to send us a sign that Super Human (and its take on angels) is on track, and they could only pick from one of those cards, I can’t think of a better card to pick than that one. There’s a term in mediumship, apport, that seems to apply.

Super Human will be released summer 2021.