Lucid Dreaming, Waking, and Distraction

As a teen, I was a natural at lucid dreaming. I could— no exaggeration— realize I was dreaming four or five times a night. It was lots of fun. Mostly flying, but you can imagine what else a teenager might want to dream about.

Chaos, Negative Emotions, and Creativity

Those nasty negative emotions. If only we could just do away with them, right? But they have value, and they show up more in creative (right-brained) thinkers. Here’s why they are both valuable and in larger quantity in creative types, according to Jordan Peterson:

ESP in Dreams, Dream Interpretation, and Personal Inclemencies

Lately I’ve been interested in programming my dreams to answer questions.  Because of my interest in remote viewing (think ESP for science types), my questions tend towards precognitions and other types of things that I would not have a direct awareness of. Because remote viewing involves bubbling up information accessed by the subconscious, it occurred to… Continue reading ESP in Dreams, Dream Interpretation, and Personal Inclemencies

Programming Your Dreams, Some Specifics

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” —Thomas Edison Following in Edison’s footsteps, I experiment with programming dreams to answer questions; I’ve created my own methods, based on my understanding of Remote Viewing theory. I’ve had some success, so a friend of mine asked me to advise on good questions to pose… Continue reading Programming Your Dreams, Some Specifics