PortalStar Publishing Publishes Super Human

I’m proud to say Super Human now has an imprint, and it is PortalStar Publishing! You can read about me on the Authors page, there’s a dedicated page for Super Human, you can read the first three chapters too. And … Super Human eBook is having a 99¢ sale right now, wherever eBooks are sold.

In Case You Thought Super Human was Fiction

Psychology Today: Experiments Suggest Humans Can Directly Observe the QuantumMay 31, 2019 “As we’ve been saying in different ways for these past months, what has been emerging from a wide range of often non-communicating researchers in multiple independent (also often non-communicating) but related disciplines, as well as from pan-global, cross-cultural sources and institutions, is an… Continue reading In Case You Thought Super Human was Fiction

Mac OS X vs Windows XP

Back in 2002, I created xvsxp.com, and when I shuttered the site in 2005 (due to personal matters), the downloadable pdf of the site had received over a quarter of a million downloads, and that’s just the pdf.

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Coming Back Around

As an oil painting BFA candidate in 1987, I made this painting. It no longer exists, because a senior student shamed me for liking comics; I’m pretty sure I painted over it. The world is not worse off that this painting is no more, but it struck me that the Super Human theme was capturing… Continue reading Coming Back Around