In Case You Thought Super Human was Fiction

Psychology Today: Experiments Suggest Humans Can Directly Observe the Quantum
May 31, 2019

“As we’ve been saying in different ways for these past months, what has been emerging from a wide range of often non-communicating researchers in multiple independent (also often non-communicating) but related disciplines, as well as from pan-global, cross-cultural sources and institutions, is an extraordinary, unprecedented body of new knowledge concerning human potential–in a strict, rigorous, formal, and profound scientific sense.” 

—William C. Bushell and Maureen Seaberg

The implications of humans having evolved biological structures to observe quantum-level events supports Remote Viewing, precognition and more. What’s next? Beyond observing quantum-level events would be influencing them. This would support remote influencing and telekinesis. Science is catching up with what mystical traditions and psychics have known for millenia.

Readers are raving about Super Human:

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“I started out expecting a fun filled Sci-Fi novel. The deeper I got in the more I realized that there was so much more to take away. By the end, I found myself adjusting the way I look at everyday situations. For people with anxiety, this is a must read. I highly recommend!”

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