“Both Sides”

Both Sides of the Rainbow by Anne Worner

Imagine a child, having been caught red-handed smacking their playmate up the side of the head, pointing to the playmate with a they-did-it-too … an expression of exasperation, and a lack of remorse or repentance. Only bad parents buy it, and the Both Sides argument is the equivalent for grown-ups. In the United States, every… Continue reading “Both Sides”

The QAnon Shaman and The Three Sides of Apophenia

Apophenia as Delusion Reed Berkowitz’s piece, A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon, insightfully noted how Apophenia drives people into the Cult of QAnon. Jacob Chansley, a.k.a. the QAnon Shaman, it has been pointed out, “displays strong aspects of what psychologists call ‘patternicity,’ which is to see hidden patterns, meanings, and agency behind what others would… Continue reading The QAnon Shaman and The Three Sides of Apophenia


Water is vital, essential, and wonderful. When not treated with proper respect, water can kill you. So is water healthy or is it toxic?