Remote Viewing: The Intersection of Physics and Metaphysics

I’ll start this story in 1930, when Albert Einstein contributed his preface to Upton Sinclair’s Mental Radio— Upton’s published experiments in to telepathy:  The results of the telepathic experiments carefully and plainly set forth in this book stand surely far beyond those which a nature investigator holds to be thinkable…. In no case should the psychologically interested circles pass… Continue reading Remote Viewing: The Intersection of Physics and Metaphysics

Quit on a High Point

From Stanford Research Institute – International, p. 173: Traditionally, learning of a new skill concentrates on rote repetition, reiterating the skill a large number of times until it is consistently performed correctly. But recent developments in learning theory, which have been applied with particular success in sports-training methodology, indicate that the rote repetition concept tends… Continue reading Quit on a High Point

Difficult Times

Yes, things are difficult. Relationship, job, economy, planet… even hair is difficult. But look what can come from difficult times. When our founding fathers left England, surely times were difficult for them. What did they do? They created The Declaration of Independence. (Thanks, Nancy McMoneagle) Plants grow better in the presence of shit. When shit… Continue reading Difficult Times