Gun Advocacy and the Takeover of Our Nation

Gun advocates are right to be worried about the takeover of our nation from within its walls. They are wrong when they believe that gun ownership has one iota of prophylactic effect against that. Enter the Corporatocracy. Businesses have laws written to suit their own interests in whatever industry they choose to do business. Effectively nation states, their borders are not geographical, but rather the commercial interests they control: agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy, finance, weaponry, etc. When we step in to their ‘territory’, we become beholden to their laws, which have been written (like a gene-virus) into the DNA of our nation: our legal system. The revolution is substantially underway— guns have no power to slow it. Nay, guns themselves are one of the very nation states that are part of this takeover, and we—unwittingly—play right in to it, vociferously striking down any law that might impede the continued profitability of that industry.
Corporatocracies want a weak federal government. Once the federal government is out of the way, no single state would be powerful enough to stand up to them.
Corporatocracies avoid the overhead of law enforcement, judiciary and military. Their laws are enforced by our police, judges and generals, we foot the bill enforcing their laws.