#WritingCommunityOnlineMeetup Moderator’s Guide

Hi, I’m Dan Pouliot. You may remember me from such tweets as, “It was just a joke” and such personalized DMs as, “Hello. How are you?”

Hey #WritingCommunity lurker. Do you want more followers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, do I have an opportunity for you? Hang on. (clears throat) Do I have an opportunity for you! Become a #WritingCommunityOnlineMeetup Moderator!

“Gee, Mr. Pouliot. I’m curious, but that sounds terrific/frightening/ confusing/maddening/ life-affirming/disgusting.”

I couldn’t agree more, Jimmy. That’s why I’ve created this simple seventy-five step Moderator’s Guide.

“Wow, that sounds easy! So I don’t have to do squat, right?”

No, Jimmy, that’s where you’re dead wrong. Your time obligation will be long and arduous. It will take you more minutes than you have fingers on your hands and feet.

“How many attendees can I expect?”

Zoom’s infinitely superior technology supports enough attendees for everyone on the planet. But don’t worry, only half of them are writers.

“Can anyone really do this?”

Zoom reminds me they haven’t tested their software on the criminally insane, but other than that, yes!

“Will I get to meet new writers and listen to their stories?”

Unfortunately, yes.

Anyone can host a #WritingCommunityOnlineMeetup. Here’s my DIY template. As a moderator, sign up at (it’s free). You could copy & paste this template into a Google Doc or whatnot to share the details of your meetup, or heck, just to a multipart-tweet. Replace the items in italics with your meeting specifics.

Date/Time: (this is a global event)
Sunday, April 7, 2019 12:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT-4)

Required Software: Zoom
From your computer:

From your phone, download the Zoom app.

Meetings are typically 30 minutes (Zoom allows up to 40 minutes free). The moderator will adjust speaking times depending on how many show up. We want everyone to get a chance to introduce themselves and speak!

Join Zoom Meeting

Password: writing

One tap mobile

+16465588656,,718743582# US (New York)

+14086380968,,718743582# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location

       +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

       +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 718 743 582

Find your local number:

Do I have to show my face?

No, Zoom lets you toggle your camera on or off. That said, deaf attendees might require video for lip reading purposes. So if you are willing, video would help with accessibility for all attendees.

I’m outside of the US. Can I still join?



0) Welcome
1) Introductions
2) Topic: your topic goes here.
3) Wrap up. Keep firm end time (30 min total) to respect people’s time

Some Agenda Ideas:
The _____ thing happened to me.
Most Wonderful
Most Tragic
Most Romantic
Most Profound


Does Competency-Awareness Drive Serotonin Levels?

Back in 2013, I wrote what I didn’t know would become my all-time most popular blog post, Serotonin and Social Status. In that post, I posed this question:

“Are there mindfulness strategies that might moderate against ‘societal’ influence on serotonin? Meditation? Yoga? Is there such a thing as self-confidence that does not peg its worth to external factors, and might that help? Such strategies would put me at greater command of my serotonin levels, rather than being solely at the mercy of others regard for me.”

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The Culpability of the No-Confidence Vote

Righteous smugness is such a nice feeling. No seriously. Who hasn’t enjoyed that feeling when witnessing someone else’s seeming incompetence? When your order gets botched, how eager are you to disparage the first customer service rep. who gets to handle your issue?
But those feelings end up biting us back.


Are You Starting to See a Pattern?

Mirror neurons in the brain fire both when taking a specified action and perceiving the action. 1Mirror Neurons: From Monkeys To Humans
Repeatedly watching distressing images can cause acute stress symptoms. 2PNAS


Backwards Thinking

Once I’m happy, then I’ll be grateful is backwards thinking.


Expectations of Food, Excercise and Beneficial Effects

Dean Radin discusses his recent double-blind study of serving tea “treated” with good intentions. Radin:

The bottom line is that if you believe/expect that you are consuming a specially treated substance, that belief alone will strongly influence your mood. But if the substance is also intentionally “treated,” then it will influence you even more. And vice versa — if you don’t believe, you’re less likely to see any effect.

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Suppressing Immune Systems With Sweets

This is not a story about the evils of sweets— in this story sweets is an innocent pawn…
Robert Ader is a psychologist who stumbled upon an amazing discovery in the 1970s while studying taste aversion along with Nicholas Cohen. They wanted to see if by making rats nauseous every time they were fed something sweet they would develop an aversion to sweets.

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Everything is About Me Versus Narcissism

Look at the agreement of all these spiritual traditions across cultures, continents and ages:

The kingdom of heaven is within you (Christianity).
By understanding the Self all this universe is known (Upanishads).
Atman (individual consciousness) and Brahman (universal consciousness) are One (Vedanta).
God dwells within you as you (Yoga).
Look within, you are the Buddha (Buddhism).
Heaven, earth and human are of one body (Neoconfucianism).
Those who know themselves know their God (Islam).
—Roger Walsh, The Transpersonal Movement: A History and State of the Art (p. 136)


Gun Advocacy and the Takeover of Our Nation

Gun advocates are right to be worried about the takeover of our nation from within its walls. They are wrong when they believe that gun ownership has one iota of prophylactic effect against that. Enter the Corporatocracy. Businesses have laws written to suit their own interests in whatever industry they choose to do business. Effectively nation states, their borders are not geographical, but rather the commercial interests they control: agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy, finance, weaponry, etc. When we step in to their ‘territory’, we become beholden to their laws, which have been written (like a gene-virus) into the DNA of our nation: our legal system. The revolution is substantially underway— guns have no power to slow it. Nay, guns themselves are one of the very nation states that are part of this takeover, and we—unwittingly—play right in to it, vociferously striking down any law that might impede the continued profitability of that industry.
Corporatocracies want a weak federal government. Once the federal government is out of the way, no single state would be powerful enough to stand up to them.
Corporatocracies avoid the overhead of law enforcement, judiciary and military. Their laws are enforced by our police, judges and generals, we foot the bill enforcing their laws.

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Predicting Stocks in Dreams

Legal Disclaimer:
I am not a stock analyst. I do not have insider information. This is not a stock advice site. I am not responsible for any losses you may incur in the stock market. I post this information for people curious about psychic phenomena, NOT to encourage anyone to take any action in the stock market based on anything said on this site.
As a personal experiment, on May 10, 2013 I started trying to predict (at the beginning of the day) how a stock will end the day. I want to acknowledge my wife, Kathy, for not calling me crazy, or even rolling her eyes when I discuss this.