The Culpability of the No-Confidence Vote

Righteous smugness is such a nice feeling. No seriously. Who hasn’t enjoyed that feeling when witnessing someone else’s seeming incompetence? When your order gets botched, how eager are you to disparage the first customer service rep. who gets to handle your issue? But those feelings end up biting us back.

Are You Starting to See a Pattern?

Mirror neurons in the brain fire both when taking a specified action and perceiving the action. Repeatedly watching distressing images can cause acute stress symptoms.

Expectations of Food, Excercise and Beneficial Effects

Dean Radin discusses his recent double-blind study of serving tea “treated” with good intentions. Radin: The bottom line is that if you believe/expect that you are consuming a specially treated substance, that belief alone will strongly influence your mood. But if the substance is also intentionally “treated,” then it will influence you even more. And… Continue reading Expectations of Food, Excercise and Beneficial Effects