In Search Of: Psychic Sea Hunt

File this one under ‘where’s the evidence?’
Ingo Swann (‘the father of remote viewing’) and Hella Hammid use remote viewing to psychically locate a previously unknown shipwreck, 270 feet under the ocean.

You can read an interview with the experiment’s creator Stephen Schwartz where he discusses how the experiment was set up. Highlights:

“In nonlocal awareness the emotional charge associated with a target might prove to be more important than its physical characteristics. Also that the emotion associated with a target makes it easier to see. For instance, it is easier to see a religious shrine than a rice paddy. Why is that? Because the religious shrine is numinous, a term coined by Carl Jung.

I have noticed on my own that strong emotions have acted as an attractor/magnifier, helping me better perceive a target.

“Individual acts of intentioned observation, particularly when they occur when you are in a heightened emotional state, create a kind of field effect, and the aggregate of thousands and thousand of little acts of intentioned observation make a target shine in nonlocal consciousness. [This is also true] where there is entropy (that is, where there is some transmutation, such as matter to energy), like a nuclear reactor. Those kinds of things make very good targets; they’re very easy for people to see. So there are rules, it’s lawful. Once you get the rules, you can design experiments that are better able to yield good information.”
“We know, for example, based on work done by Michael Persinger in Canada, James Spottiswood in Los Angeles, Ed May in Palo Alto, that geomagnetic field strength, the magnetic field of the Earth itself, has an effect on your ability to perform well. When the earth’s geomagnetic field is strong and there is a lot of solar turbulence — which affects the earth’s field — people don’t do very well when asked to access nonlocal awareness. When the field is quiet and unruffled, they do better.”

Since I began my psychic stock predictions project, I have been monitoring solar activity, and while I don’t have the data to show, anecdotally I have experienced an impairment of perceptions during periods of either high solar wind or solar flare activity.

“People who meditate, for instance, do better than people who don’t meditate. The reason, we think, is that this kind of awareness is partly a function of your ability to focus; it’s a coherence phenomenon. It is not a coincidence that almost every training that attempts to teach how to make contact with this aspect of the self emphasizes focus, whether it’s a martial art or a meditative art, or some sort of spiritual path.”