Dangerous Words

Here are two: impossible and can’t. Imagine if I could travel back a brief 200 years ago and tell an average person, “what if I told you that with special boxes you could speak in such a way that millions of people— even on the other side of the planet— can hear you and see… Continue reading Dangerous Words

My Example Was Bull

If you haven’t yet read yesterday’s entry, read it first. If you found yourself agreeing with this headline after reading that post, read on. Noticing and updating unproductive habits of mind is a skill, like karate or skating, that requires starting simply, practicing often (faltering too) and always finding room for improvement. Our ego authored… Continue reading My Example Was Bull

Avoid "Why?"

Seth Godin writes Why ask why? and calls “Why?”  “the most important question”. I think Seth Godin is an insightful marketer and I love reading anything by him, but on this I disagree. “Why?” is quicksand. The word has inertia built-in to it; it lacks its own forward momentum. It focuses attention on the problem; focus… Continue reading Avoid "Why?"