Super Human: The Mailing List!

YA, Supernatural Fantasy, Magical Realism

At the crossroads of supernatural and human potential, an anxious teen finds a mystical world within himself, unleashing powers he didn’t know he had.

Will Freeman is more anxious than other teens. When his new friend Lily Powers invites herself over, and the two go treasure hunting in his attic, they discover a peculiar change purse that belonged to Will’s father. Lily accompanies Will as he sets out to learn about the change purse and about the disappearance of his father. After an affable and mysterious Joe finds the two and promises answers to Will’s questions, a string of inexplicable events occur, making Will question his own sanity. His fears come crashing in on him when Lily is abducted by the Agents of Unchange, a sinister group with futuristic weaponry who are searching for the one person with the ability to open Infinity. Amidst a backdrop of supernatural chaos, Will must find a way through this unbelievable mess.

BEST BOOK I’VE READ all year. Better than Dan Brown’s Origin. I’ve worked with a lot of new authors. Of all the new authors’ books I’ve read, this one is the best. Bravo.
—Belinda M., Author, Phillip’s Quest

A must read for only one dollar. You can’t beat it. Super Human sets the stage from the get go with a catastrophic event, leaving the reader to ask what happened? Well like a good story and a brilliant author, Dan is laying out the pieces, yet allowing the reader to be the detective. The story can be viewed as an adult story, yet maybe it is necessary Dan uses a human going through the transformation from child to an adult which makes me wonder maybe the child is the adult without the ability to drive a car, yet with the ability to be driven and possibly save the day. You as the reader must be patient by getting to know the characters in our story. I say our story because like an onion you will peel your way down to the core of being on the cusp of witnessing humans with gifts we ourselves view as a fantasy, yet it is in our reality if we read the news while pausing and paying attention to the subtleties the author has woven through this incredible journey.”
—Cais Thomas

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