Super Human

At the crossroads of supernatural and human potential, an ordinary teen finds a mystical world within himself, unleashing powers he didn’t know he had.

There are three ways to unlock the mind’s superpowers. One way is academic: years of training, hard work, and practice. Another is through inheritance: the right genes are passed down through favorable ancestry.

Will Freeman is more anxious than other teens. When his new friend Lily Powers invites herself over and the two go treasure hunting in his attic, they discover a mysterious item that belonged to Will’s long-lost father. Lily accompanies Will as he sets out to learn about the item and about his father. After a stranger promises Will answers to his questions, a string of inexplicable events makes Will question his own sanity. His fears come crashing in on him when Lily is abducted by sinister figures with futuristic weaponry searching for the item. Amidst a backdrop of supernatural chaos, Will must find the third way.