What if angels were never told what they are?

Look close enough and you will see yourself in this picture.

Here’s a thought experiment about angels…

What if angels are never told that they are angels? What if angels have no more evidence of God than you or I; in this state some of them might even feel certain there is no god. What if angels walk around the planet unaware, not using their super powers? And what if their super power is simply their choice of thoughts, words and actions?

What if you are one (and reading this as a silly thought experiment, or one that is meant for others, certainly not you!)? What would you do differently? How would you interact with those around you? Would you be kind more? Would you say hi to strangers more? Would each moment be you looking to see what is required by those around you? Would you continue engaging in gossip? Would you try to steer conversations in a better direction? When conversations start to go in a bad way, would you remind people of who they say they want to be; do you take the helm and steer conversations when they are heading towards the rocks? Or would you nod in agreement when people gripe about their circumstance?

Are terrible times in our lives there to remind us to wake up to our own status?

Imagine the tragedy of an angel that does not realize her own status and squanders her super powers of conversation and action, scratching through life just like the rest of us. Is that unaware angel you? How would you know? You wouldn’t; all you can do is choose to wake up.

Of course this is just a thought experiment; it could all be bullshit, no God, no Angels. But does it matter? Couldn’t we, shouldn’t we, in the face of such an awesome notion, just do it anyway?

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