Self-Worth: Internal Versus External

Peg your own self-worth to internally generated values.
When you peg your self-worth as a relative to those around you, life itself becomes a competition. In such a state, your accomplishments are only worthwhile so long as no one you care to impress has done better. Their improvement becomes a threat. On some level you may even wish ill upon them. When good people falter you are pleased and relieved, because you get to see yourself as better than them; not a flattering posture.

When your self-worth is internally generated, your success is not contingent upon someone else’s failure. Rather than feeling jealousy, envy or resentment, you can feel genuinely happy for someone else’s success.
We all have an internal barometer of self-worth that we measure ourselves against. Looking to others to know what our values should be becomes problematic.
Make sure you are being honest with yourself – rather than easy on yourself — in your self assessment. Honesty, authenticity and integrity are among your internal values. If you give yourself false high marks in one area, these will diminish.