Stock Prediction, AAPL, May 14, 2013

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Prediction: Up.
Confidence: Low.

I’m on day three of a cold and it seems clear to me that colds interfere with psychic functioning. I had difficulty remembering my dreams, and they differed from last week’s in that there was no clear message. The lesson learned is that if you require a set schedule for psychic functioning (for instance, if you need to predict a particular stock every day) you need at least two people in case one gets sick.
[edit: 4:12 pm]
AAPL closed: 443.89 Down down 10.85(2.39%)
2nd prediction while sick, missed both times. Both times I had low confidence in the prediction. My first two I didn’t post a confidence level (I’m new to this!), I’ll start doing that on all.
It seems clear to me that the cold is negatively influencing me.