Putting My Mouth Where My Money Is

This is part of my ongoing experiment in to predicting stocks via psi. Learn more…
Russel Targ, in his latest book The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities, tells us of his method for predicting stock market results. His technique is called Associative Remote Viewing, and while his results were noteworthy, it requires three people and a fair amount of setup and time.

I’ve been practicing posing a question before I go to sleep allowing my dreams to answer them. I’ve had some pretty mind blowing results that are a topic for another day. I’d love to do ARV on stocks, but I haven’t yet gotten together a team. So, in lieu of a team ARV session, last night (May 7, 2013) I submitted a question for the night’s dreams: Will Apple be up or down at the end of trading tomorrow (May 8, 2013)? Without going into the details of the dream, here is my prediction:
AAPL will rise quickly in the morning and hit a wall and plateau before lunch. The afternoon is less certain but I feel that Apple will close the day up, with the highest price of the day to be at lunchtime.
Now we wait. I will post a chart here at the end of the day.
[edit at 5pm]
Here are the results (this is the chart I viewed at the end of trading):
It includes early trading, which is not something I had considered. Technically, AAPL ended down for the day, but when when viewed in the above context (early trading included), my prediction was correct. That the stock was both down and not down (relative to early trading) explains my uncertainty as to how it would end the day. My leaning in favor of it ending up is supported by the fact that the subconscious prefers visuals over alphanumerics.
[edit at 8pm]
I just checked Yahoo Finance and Merrill Lynch, and according to both of them, AAPL ended the day up:
Both of those charts support my prediction. No wonder I was uncertain if they’d end up or down!
[edit at 9pm]
For the record I had lunch around 1:30 today.
[edit, following week]
For posterity, I want to describe the dream. I was a runner, with other runners. We ran inside a large building, and the track sloped up the side of the wall. Eventually the track went straight up and I could go no higher (though other runners kept going). Right there was a horizontal ledge, I went over to it and sat down a while. Then I had a sandwich. Eventually, I got off the ledge.
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