Positive Thinking in 25 Words

Meaning we assign to situations is our own creation; not some absolute truth. 1 Notice when assessments become debilitative. Re-shape them to facilitate outcomes you want. Or, “We tell ourselves stories about our perceptions, then mistake them for absolute truth.” The positive thinking mindset/strategy/life philosophy I outlined above has hints of Buddhism. What a yogi or yogini… Continue reading Positive Thinking in 25 Words

The World We Perceive is an Illusion

New Age mystics say the world we perceive is a self-generated illusion. I agree, and the answer to this ponderous notion is simpler than you think. Here are some of the illusions we create around ourselves:

Our Greatest Failing

Alan Lightman begins his article, “Nothing but the Truth; Science’s and Greatest Weakness Is Also Its Greatest Strength”  (Popular Science, May 2015) with an anecdote about Richard Feynman. “40 years ago, the legendary physicist Richard Feynman gave the commencement address at my graduation from the California Institute of technology… Feynman told us that before we went public with new… Continue reading Our Greatest Failing

What I Learned After 6 Intense Years in 'Positive Thinking' Training

My close friends know that in the 90s my wife and I spent six very intense years involved with a small organization called WonderWorks Studios. I started by taking their weekend-long Prosperity Workshop, which was a crash course in concepts popularized by the New Age movement— intentions, affirmations, ‘your thoughts create your reality’— focused primarily on one’s… Continue reading What I Learned After 6 Intense Years in 'Positive Thinking' Training