Super Human Update

This summer, I hired award-winning author and Chair of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project Masheri Chappelle to be my writing coach, and coach me through a ground-up rewrite.

In the past five intensive months, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about writing; we’re only 1/3 of the way through but I can already tell, this is going to be a fantastic book. She has taught me about how to properly write a scene, how to develop characters, how to craft a sentence to illicit the right mood, and she’s helping me turn what was a 44 thousand word outline into a 65 thousand word novel… and that’s after jettisoning half the text!

I’ve taken Super Human down from Amazon. I’m grateful for everyone that read it and gave their favorable reviews; the new version will have a new cover, a new ISBN number, and will blow the socks off the previous one. Stay tuned. Estimated release: Summer 2020.

Addendum: I’m excited to announce I’m the newest Trustee to New Hampshire Writer’s Project!