Mental Radio and Remote Viewing


Not freaky, but normal operations


I’ve always been interested in unusual phenomena. In the 80s I heard about US military use of Remote Viewing (code named Project Stargate), and in the 90s I read Upton Sinclair’s book Mental Radio. At that time I worked in a dark room, with just 1 other person (at a time), and we were looking for something fun to do while we repeatedly waited for photos to come out of the machine. That’s how my Mental Radio experiments started.

In 2012 I learned that Project Stargate had been shut down, many documents became declassified, and civilian training classes were available. I soaked up everthing I could find, and the Remote Viewing album represents my most recent sessions (I’m still new at it).

According to RV theory, this is not some crazy phenomenon, but it’s really how the universe works. I’ll say more over at my blog.