Super Human Now in Paperback

Just in time for Christmas!

Hardcover and Paperback

Super Human is now available in paperback ($12.95) from Amazon:

Super Human

If you prefer eBooks, you can pick it up for just $2.99 from Amazon and Apple Books. If you prefer hardcover, message me.

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Coming Back Around

As an oil painting BFA candidate in 1987, I made this painting. It no longer exists, because a senior student shamed me for liking comics; I’m pretty sure I painted over it. The world is not worse off that this painting is no more, but it struck me that the Super Human theme was capturing my attention way back then. Then, ostensibly, I lost interest in it until just this year. Or did I? Maybe it’s been percolating in some deep recess of my brain for all this time. Or, if you are inclined to believe in precognitions, perhaps way back then on some level I knew this would become significant to me.
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Super Human: Out of Time

This week I started working on my new novel Super Human: Out of Time, the sequel to Super Human.

The idea for the sequel was born out of a recent tragedy. Anxiety is a theme in the first book, and it explores the reframing strategies I’ve used with some success in my life. A childhood classmate of mine read Super Human and told me she wanted her young adult son to read it because she thought he’d find those strategies helpful. Tragically, since that conversation, her son unexpectedly passed away.

I cannot pretend to understand what her family must be going through, but the news hit me hard. I wanted to extract some meaning and value from this horrible event; I hope I can facilitate something good coming from something very, very bad. So, Out of Time will examine human despair, hopefully in a way that sparks useful thinking.

If you haven’t yet checked out Super Human, treat yourself to some thought-provoking, inspirational science fiction today:

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Lying Down on the Job

I think my editor is in bed with Staples.

Chase Lounge

Speaking of Staples, I want to thank Dawn and Arianna, managers in Staples Printing Services in Stratham, NH, for their excellent customer service. Your efforts have helped me achieve my dream, publishing my first novel, Super Human:

You can also find it on Facebook:

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Book Debut: Super Human

I’m proud to announce the release of Super Human on Amazon, eBook is free with Kindle Unlimited, otherwise just 99 cents (for a short time):

You can also find it on Facebook:

My editor worked nights and weekends to get this to the world as fast as possible:

He got it out so fast he missed that the cover needs a tagline. Until the new cover is out, here is a sneak peek at the tagline: The next stage in human evolution is what you think. I hope you check it out, I think you’ll like it.

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When Thoughts Think Themselves

In the Sam Harris Podcast Is Buddhism True? A Conversation with Robert Wright, Robert Wright noted “thoughts think themselves”. It’s a great conversation and I can’t pretend I can explain it better than he did, but here is my takeaway: Continue reading

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The Real Enemy is…

“Who is the enemy? Who is holding back more rapid movement to the better society that is reasonable and possible with available resources? Who is responsible for the mediocre performance of so many of our institutions? Who is standing in the way of a larger consensus on the definition of the better society and paths to reaching it?

“Not evil people. Not stupid people. Not apathetic people. Not the “system.” Not the protesters, the disrupters, the revolutionaries, the reactionaries.

“Granting that fewer evil, stupid, or apathetic people or a better “system” might make the job easier, their removal would not change matters, not for long. The better society will come, if it comes, with plenty of evil, stupid, apathetic people around and with an imperfect, ponderous, inertia-charged “system” as the vehicle for change. Liquidate the offending people, radically alter or destroy the system, and in less than a generation they will all be back. It is not in the nature of things that a society can be cleaned up once and for all according to an ideal plan. And even if it were possible, who would want to live in an aseptic world? Evil, stupidity, apathy, the “system” are not the enemy even though society building forces will be contending with them all the time. The healthy society, like the healthy body, is not the one that has taken the most medicine. It is the one in which the internal health building forces are in the best shape.

“The real enemy is fuzzy thinking on the part of good, intelligent, vital people, and their failure to lead, and to follow servants as leaders. Too many settle for being critics and experts. There is too much intellectual wheel spinning, too much retreating into “research,” too little preparation for and willingness to undertake the hard and high risk tasks of building better institutions in an imperfect world, too little disposition to see “the problem” as residing in here and not out there.”

— Robert Greenleaf, The Servant as Leader

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Living with what happens next- in relationship 

I’m gonna rewrite a bit by Seth Godin: Living with what happens next. His context is self-awareness to improve business; his principles apply to relationship too. So here goes:
Most people are okay with living with the consequences of what happens. Continue reading

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These Things Are Our Most Important Lessons

When I moved in New Age circles, and someone was going through something difficult, the typical response was that difficulties were lessons for us. I heard comments like, ‘we all choose what lessons we want presented to us before we are born’ or ‘the universe sent you this as a lesson.’ Continue reading

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Positive Thinking in 25 Words

Meaning we assign to situations is our own creation; not some absolute truth. Notice when assessments become debilitative. Re-shape them to facilitate outcomes you want.

Or, “We tell ourselves stories about our perceptions, then mistake them for absolute truth.”

The positive thinking mindset/strategy/life philosophy I outlined above has hints of Buddhism; To quote His Eminence Choje Togden Rinpoche:

“What a yogi or yogini strives to do is to put an end to the suffering that exists in cyclic existence. In order to do that, a yogi or yogini has to train his or her mind. Simply stated, a yogi or yogini will strive to counter all the negative emotions and try to generate positive energy.”

Notice positive thinking is a bit of a misnomer;  generating positive energy does not require constant positivity so much as it requires an understanding of the basis of our own thoughts.

Regarding my definition above, the hardest concept to internalize is the first one: that  we assign meaning to situations; that meaning is made up by us. When people say ‘positive thinking doesn’t work’ it is usually because they couldn’t grasp that first bit.

To my surprise, the best book I’ve read that articulates the notion that we create our own reality was written by and for the CIA—Psychology of Intelligence Analysis— and I talk about it in my post, The CIA on ‘Your Thoughts Create Your Reality’.

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