Super Human: Into The Fire

This week I started working on my new novel Super Human: Into The Fire, the sequel to Super Human.

The idea for the sequel was born out of a recent tragedy. Anxiety is a theme in the first book, and it explores reframing strategies I’ve used with some success in my life. A childhood classmate of mine read Super Human and told me she wanted her young adult son to read it because she thought he’d find those strategies helpful. Tragically, since that conversation, her son unexpectedly passed away.

I cannot pretend to understand what her family must be going through, but the news hit me hard. I wanted to extract some meaning and value from this horrible event; I hope I can facilitate something good coming from something very, very bad. So, Into The Fire will examine human despair, hopefully in a way that sparks useful thinking.

If you haven’t yet checked out Super Human, treat yourself to some thought-provoking, inspirational science fiction today:

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