Loose Knobs Require Deliberate Movements

I ran into a loose shower knob recently, and I see how it is like me.

Properly functioning shower knobs are easily turned off… just keep turning until it stops. This loose knob did not work that way; I could easily turn it past the off position and it would drip. In order to turn it off I had to pay close attention to ensure that I had found the correct position. Cavalier turning would not result in an off shower.

Minds are similar. There are many mental states for which the slightest of pivots makes a huge difference:

  • Opinions become rants.
  • Connoisseur becomes snob.
  • Concern becomes judgement.
  • Questioning becomes indecisiveness.
  • Pride becomes arrogance or narcissism.
  • Informed becomes righteous.
  • Introspection becomes navel gazing.
  • Sharing becomes preaching.

Such states must be deliberately navigated. Cavalier use of one’s mind otherwise results in the less desirable of the two postures.

It’s easy to see when the shower knob is not right. Harder to see when mind isn’t.

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