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Super Human 2020: New Cover, Sneak Peak

For the past six months I’ve been working with award-winning writing coach Masheri Chappelle on a ground-up rewrite of Super Human. This rewrite is so significant it will be a brand new book with a new ISBN number and a new cover, which I’m proud to show publicly for the first time here. We’re just over half-way through the book, so publish ETA is summer 2020. My sincerest thanks to Masheri, she’s been a fantastic writing coach… I’ve learned so much about storytelling, and I hope readers of all ages will love it.

Remote Viewing

Did Courtney Brown Double Down on a Hoax?

Diagram 2: Nibiru, “predicted” Clinton would disclose in 1996

On November 14, 1996, Farsight founder Courtney Brown was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. In that show Courtney recounted that his team of three remote viewers viewed an alien craft “four times the size of Earth” near the comet Hale-Bopp. I’ll begin this partial transcript with Courtney describing the accuracy of the viewer:

“The person’s mind was extended is an extremely accurate remote viewer, basically has never failed us with a session, this person is extremely accurate in describing physically what’s going on.”

Keep those claims of “extremely accurate” and “never failed us” in mind.


Super Human Update

This summer, I hired award-winning author and Chair of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project Masheri Chappelle to be my writing coach, and coach me through a ground-up rewrite.

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In Case You Thought Super Human was Fiction

Psychology Today: Experiments Suggest Humans Can Directly Observe the Quantum
May 31, 2019

“As we’ve been saying in different ways for these past months, what has been emerging from a wide range of often non-communicating researchers in multiple independent (also often non-communicating) but related disciplines, as well as from pan-global, cross-cultural sources and institutions, is an extraordinary, unprecedented body of new knowledge concerning human potential–in a strict, rigorous, formal, and profound scientific sense.” 

—William C. Bushell and Maureen Seaberg

The implications of humans having evolved biological structures to observe quantum-level events supports Remote Viewing, precognition and more. What’s next? Beyond observing quantum-level events would be influencing them. This would support remote influencing and telekinesis. Science is catching up with what mystical traditions and psychics have known for millenia.