Super Human 5th Edition Launch: Free today

Super Human

It’s a Super Human 5th Edition launch party!

High school friends Will and Lily stumble into ownership of a strange, unfamiliar object. Will quickly learns that he possesses— and has always possessed— a fantastic, ancient technology.

Together, Will and Lily uncover a mind-bending technology. One so ubiquitous it was right in front their face yet invisible to them both. One so fast it travels at the speed of thought, so powerful that it could cause peace to break out for 1,000 years yet so strange it works best when they share it with their enemy. And one so magnificent its grants to its wielder the courage to embark on a first kiss. And yet ultimately so terrifying that Will denies its very existence just so he doesn’t have to ever wield it.

Will and Lily learn the world they thought they knew is all an illusion, as they are thrust into a world of psychic spying, alien craft, spontaneous downloads of information, angels, and sinister figures who will stop at nothing to keep this mysterious technology a secret.

Editor Keidi Keating says of this YA Sci-Fi adventure, “clever…enlightening…stellar ending.”
The ebook is free today. Emoji synopsis:📚🥋🏃‍♀️❤️🏃‍♂️🕶☁️🛸👽🧠💋
Grab your copy and enjoy!

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