No Prediction Today: Suspect Solar Interference

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I tried to receive a signal last night, and for the third night in a row there was no signal.

As of this morning, I figured my 3 night losing streak had something to do with being sick, though that seems a poor reason… being sick doesn’t harm any other sense (ok, maybe smell and taste, but you get the idea).

Then tonight I was reading issue 9 of Eight Martinis magazine that Ingo Swann’s abilities were effected by solar and geomagnetic effects.

“During the second visit to our laboratory there was a massive solar storm and concurrent geomagnetic activity on a couple of the days. His accuracy was not as great but he knew this as well. He told me that he had had difficulties remote viewing stimuli that were near areas where the geomagnetic field was distorted, such as big railways stations with multitudes of tracks.”

So I decided to check the past week’s solar activity (source: NOAA National Geophysical Data Center):


May 8-10 were all good for me (though I did not officially report May 9). I rested May 11. May 12 was ok too (again off the record). May 13, 14 and 15 were all problematic, and those 3 days also saw higher solar activity than the previous period.

In the paper Greg Kolodziejzyk’s 13-Year Associative Remote Viewing Experiment Results, Greg has this to say about the effects of solar activity on RV:

“there is a statistically significant negative correlation between effect size and solar wind speed” 

This chart (source: NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center and the Office of Naval Research (ONR)) seems to show higher solar wind speeds on the 15th and 16th, but not on the 13th and 14th.


Perhaps it is not a singular effect, but rather a combination of solar CMEs and solar wind.

[edit May 16]

I did have a dream precognition today, but seemingly unrelated to my question.


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