Responding to Pride with Blasé

On my morning jog, red and white barn doors caught my attention. They reminded me of a story from my childhood:

I grew up on a farm with 13 acres and a barn. The barn was gray shingles with large white sliding doors. One summer in my teens, my dad put a fresh coat of paint on all of the barn doors, and he decided to add some flair. He picked out sports car cherry red paint, and painted the trim and cross beams on the doors red.

After it was done and dry he called me out to take a look. He was beaming. When he asked my opinion I most likely gave him a typical teen’s reply, “it’s okay, I guess”.

To give him proper credit now, the red trim on the barn doors was great! Those red and white doors feature prominently and positively in all my memories of the farm.

My dad passed away many years ago so I never got a chance to properly give him credit for a great job. Where are you responding to someone’s pride with a blasé attitude?

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